Prayer Healing

At GGLC we have a Prayer group that runs the healing service on the first Sunday of the month. Which has a message about healing and a time of prayer in groups led by our prayer team.

There are also three prayer meetings per month. Each prayer meeting has a bible study teaching God's word with the opportunity for a "personal breakthrough" in prayer & healing for anything people have needs in; mental, physical, spiritual, anything at all.

1st Sunday of the month:
Salt Factory Prayer Healing service (at GGLC)
Refer to worship services for details

2nd Wednesday of the month:
Paul and Nadia Napier
Windsor Gardens

3rd Wednesday of the month:
Lyn and Ian Cartwright

4th Monday of the month:
Jon and Leanne Schiller
Wynn Vale

For more details refer to the prayer groups website Signs and Wonders