Make a Donation Now or Set up Regular Electronic Giving

Every worship service includes an opportunity to support the work of the church through a free-will offering.  

You can contribute directly via credit card using the checkout below, or set up Regular Electronic Giving (REG).  

To donate now, please use the form below. Your credit card payment will be processed securely using the Square payments system.


minimum $1.00

Your Offering/Donation supports our ministries at Golden Grove Lutheran Church, including payment of wages for ministry workers, our age-specific ministries for young children, youth, young adults and adults through to the elderly, our work with Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School and the Asaroka Schools in PNG, and the many other things that need to be paid for to keep our organisation running. Thank you!


Regular Electronic Giving (REG)

REG provides a way to give regularly and consistently without having to remember to bring money for the offering plate every Sunday.  More information about REG can be found in the Giving section of the LLL website.

The money collected funds the full range of church activities, including payment of wages for ministry workers, mission work, maintenance of infrastructure and special projects.  Offerings received on special occasions are typically allocated to a specific project, such as the Australian Lutheran World Service or other urgent needs that arise from time to time.

The LLL Account No. for GGLC Regular Electronic Giving is 28190S1 (use this for transfers from your LLL account to the REG account). 

To transfer money into the LLL Golden Grove Lutheran Church REG Account from another bank please use

  • BSB  704942
  • Account 100118259