Asaroka Partnership



In 2006, Golden Grove Lutheran Church and Primary School began a Partnership with the Schools at Asaroka, in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea, near the major town of Goroka. One of our members, Rev Len Tscharke started the Asaroka Lutheran High School in 1962 while he was a Missionary in PNG. There are approximately 2000 students across the three schools (Elementary, Primary and Secondary), which partly due to the Partnership now offers up to Year 12 education. There have been several visits by GGLC and GGLPS people and we have had some teachers visit us here. There have been a number of projects undertaken that have greatly assisted and strengthened the Schools, including providing computers and other valuable resources.

We have witnessed the local people completely re-embracing their schools as a valuable part of their communities, and these have also been upgraded in the PNG education system and are highly respected in their province.

We regularly receive the Asaroka Happenings newsletters from the Asaroka community.