Kids at Heart

Every Sunday the "Kids at Heart" program is offered to the children during morning worship. This is run by our Children’s Ministry Worker supported by a team of volunteers. Please scroll down and click to enlarge/view artwork submissions.

This Week's Artwork Example

Make sure you are watching the Children's Message each Sunday for lesson and instructions.

Please upload a photo of your creation and tune in next week to see all submissions.

This week, Sunday's message focuses on "Jesus walks on water" based on John 6:14-21.

For this weeks craft example, you will need a paper plate, a popsicle stick and the printout from below. After coloring in, cut a slit in the plate then insert the stick through the slit. Now Jesus can walk on water.

Click image below to download activity template sheet.

Make sure you tune in for the lesson and feel free to create something different for this weeks theme.

Remember to take a picture of your creation and upload to share in next weeks service!

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