Kids at Heart

Every Sunday the "Kids at Heart" program is offered to the children during morning worship. This is run by our Children’s Ministry Worker supported by a team of volunteers. Please scroll down and click to enlarge/view artwork submissions.

This Week's Artwork Example


Please note children’s ministry is now on break into the new year. GGLC would like to wish all our children a Merry Christmas and as we rejoice and celebrate this wonderful season, let us not forget to thank baby Jesus for coming into our lives.

For an activity sheet, see images below for example and template to print.

Make sure you tune in for the Christmas Services and feel free to create something different for each theme.

Please upload a photo of your creation and tune in next year to see all submissions.

Submit a photo to show our community


Artwork From Previous Weeks

"John prepares the way" from Luke 3: 1-6

"Righteous branch to spring up from David" from Jeremiah 33:14-16