Vine Kids

Every Sunday the "Vine Kids" program is offered to the children during morning worship. This is run by our Children’s Ministry Worker supported by a team of volunteers. During the service, a small lesson is delivered to the children followed by an activity that supports the theme. We encourage all to share their artwork and we invite everyone to view as an encouragment for the children.

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This Week's Lesson and Instructions

This term we are exploring prayer and reflection. Prayer does not just have to be a sit down, bow our heads and fold your hands. It can be a more relaxed conversation. It could be a note on a piece of paper. It could be singing a particular song.  Each week we will put up 3 or 4 activities that you might like to complete as your prayer to God. 

This week we are looking at being thankful and climbing the mountain. Read through the activities and I encourage you to complete the activity. You might like to take a photo of your prayer, however, we understand that you might like your prayer to remain private. Maybe instead someone could take a photo of you joining in with the activity instead.

Below you will find the activities.
*The shoe prints are part of one of the activities

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