Fete Raffle Information - Prizes, Terms & Conditions

Proceeds of the raffle will support GGLPS Parents & Friends programs and church programs including playgroup, junior youth and youth activities. Prizes have been generously donated by fete sponsors, stallholders and members of our community. Thank you for taking part in our joint fundraising!

Raffle tickets are available for purchase up until the raffle is drawn. The draw will occur at 2:30pm on the day of the fete (subject to cancellation due to extreme weather or a change in COVID-19 restrictions - see cancellation provisions below).

Pre-fete ticket purchases can be made at the GGLC Office or Cafe Connect, or through raffle ticket books distributed to school families and church members. GGLC Office hours are 8am to 1pm Tuesday to Friday. Cafe Connect is open when school resumes in Term 4 (October 17), from 8am to 11am and 2:30pm to 4pm each weekday.

Tickets will also be available on the day of the fete.

Tickets cost $2.


First prize has a value of $1500. The total prize pool is $5000 and there are 20 prizes.

#1. Value $1500

Includes $1000 worth of vouchers from Stratco (1 x $500 + 2 x $250), $250 fitness package from Inspiring Strength in Women, half dozen The Wilson Vineyard wines and dried fruit from Gully Gardens.

Stratco How To HORIZ.jpg

#2. Value $500

Includes $200 HOLIDAY AND HOTEL card donated by Smart Tech Electrical,  $250 fitness package from Inspiring Strength in Women and voucher from Courage Beauty & Spa.



#3. Value $300

Includes $250 fitness package from Inspiring Strength in Women and voucher from Courage Beauty & Spa.



#4. Value $280

Tile Surround Firepit and Steel Tower Solar Garden Lights donated by Stratco.

Stratco How To HORIZ.jpg



#5. Value $250

Includes $220 leaf blower donated by Trent4Rent and a bottle of Hoklas wine.



#6. Value $240

Includes beauty services from Sunbar Tanning Studio and a Waterworld Family Pass.


#7. Value $240

Includes garden products voucher from Jeffries, a Metal & More garden sculpture and a bottle of wine


#8. Value $230

Includes hamper from Garden Grove, a Waterworld Family Pass, a Koorong voucher and dried fruit from Gully Gardens

garden grove.png

#9. Value $200

Includes meat voucher from Kamcheyenne Limousin, a gift voucher from Pure Bliss Eco Wellness, a mixed hamper and jams and preserves from Frugion. 

Kamcheyenne Limousin provides locally grown (One Tree Hill), ethically raised beef. Grazing stress free with natural animal handling practices, Lean, low fat, tender meat.  No added chemicals, no antibiotics, no hormone growth promotants, no added colouring, water, or preservatives. Contact Sarah Popow to receive your FRESH MEAT TRAY when you are ready. 

Based in the Gumeracha region of the Adelaide Hills, Frugion is a family owned and operated business that uses sustainable methods and natural South Australian ingredients to produce jam, marmalade, bottled fruit, jelly, relish and sauce.




#10 to #13. Value $155

Includes products from Forever Living Aloe Vera and mixed hamper.

Forever Aloe provides 4 vouchers for a subsidised neck shoulder and face massage (can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home). Value $105, for $35 only. Plus aloe vera lip balms and face soaps with each voucher. 


#14. Value $140

Includes wheelbarrow donated by Stratco and a bottle of Hoklas wine.

IMG20220930144632.jpgStratco How To HORIZ.jpg

#15. Value $100

Charcoal Spit donated by Stratco.


#16 to #20. Value $80

Includes pet supplies voucher from Hooves Paws & Claws and mixed hamper.

The Hooves Paws & Claws team are specialists in fodders, grains, pet foods, saddlery and pet supplies. Hooves Paws & Claws supplies a wide range of products for your horses, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, birds, chickens, guinea pigs, ducks, ferrets and geese just to name a few! We stock popular and hard to find brands.

Located at 133 Tolley Rd, St Agnes and Black top Rd, One Tree Hill. 





Acknowledging our Sponsors and Raffle Prize Donations

With thanks to the many fete sponsors, stallholders and local companies who have supported our fete and/or donated prizes for the raffle:

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The Wilson Vineyard logo Screen Shot.png

GullyGardens.pngfrugion logo raffle prize.png



Stratco How To HORIZ.jpgsunbar.pngforeverliving-logo.svg



Rock ya Pain ·  Made with Positivity ·  Bloom by Peyton ·  Jane Bailey Nerikomi ·  K-Jewelz ·  A Lea JewelleryEarthMotherStudio.jpgtraceysyellowheartdesigns.jpg


Dear Charlie Candle Co Main Logo_1645644687.pngKate Creations / Kate Denton  ·  TEMTMEE  ·  Emmie Grace Creations ·  Paul Ion Honey ·  Magnolia Birdhouses

LemonLyrebird.pngLemon Lyrebird

Soleigh Designs Logo2.pngKTC Images & Creations ·  Kym Horgan ·  Imagin-a-dough ·  Sassy Quilt

FB_IMG_1658111816263.jpgIMG_20210308_165004.jpgThe Wild Pot JPEG.JPG


Dulwich_Logo_Circle.jpgKoorong-Red.pngWaterworld Ridgehaven

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Raffle Terms and Conditions


  1. To be eligible for prizes, tickets must be purchased before the draw at a price of $2 each. 
  2. Tickets may be purchased either:
    • From a printed book of tickets, distributed to school and church families in the weeks prior to the fete, as single tickets and/or MultiTickets, where each MultiTicket purchased for a certain number of tickets (minimum 10) will be converted to that number of physical tickets which will then be entered into the draw in the same way as single tickets;
    • At the church office or Cafe Connect;
    • On fete day.
  3. Bonus tickets will be entered into the draw as an incentive for ticket book sellers at the rate of 1 bonus ticket for every $50 worth of tickets sold (discounting fractions). Bonus tickets will bear the details of the seller as shown on the front of the ticket book.
  4. For tickets sold via books, for the tickets to be entered into the draw and the seller to qualify for any bonus tickets, the complete book and correct payment must be returned to the GGLPS Office or GGLC Office no later than Friday October 28. If correct payment is not received, the organisers reserve the right to enter no tickets from the corresponding books into the draw, or to resolve the discrepancy by adjusting the entered tickets on a best guess basis, at the organiser’s sole discretion.
  5. Each ticket represents an equal chance of winning.
  6. The draw will occur at 2:30pm on the day of the fete at Golden Grove Lutheran Church, 21-23 Richardson Drive Wynn Vale SA 5127, subject to cancellation due to extreme weather or a change in COVID-19 restrictions. In the event of cancellation, the draw will take place on Sunday November 6 at Golden Grove Lutheran Church.
  7. The maximum number of tickets that may be entered into the draw is determined by the Lottery and Gaming Act 1936 and the associated Lottery and Gaming Regulations 2008 as applicable to a Minor Lottery with a prize pool not exceeding $5000, being 2.5 times the prize pool value in dollars. Thus the maximum number of tickets is 12,500 if the prize pool reaches $5000. In the event of oversubscription via printed books, tickets will be allocated in the order the books are received and money returned to the book seller for any tickets that cannot legally be honoured.
  8. Tickets will be drawn one at a time without replacement from a box containing all entered tickets, each drawn ticket winning a prize until all prizes have been allocated. Prizes will be allocated in the order shown on this web page at the time of the draw. Minor prizes (ranked 5 and above) and/or the number of prizes may vary slightly from their descriptions due to factors beyond the organiser’s control.
  9. Winners not present at the draw will be contacted by SMS or email. Prizes not claimed after 4 weeks may be reallocated to other fundraising activities.
  10. Winners agree to have their photo taken with their prize and to allow photos to be used in future promotions concerning the fete, raffle, church and school. Permission to use photos may be withdrawn by advising the GGLC Office in writing.
  11. In accordance with the Lottery and Gaming Regulations 2008, Golden Grove Lutheran Church Inc and GGLPS Parents and Friends Association as entities may not enter into the lottery but individuals associated with GGLC and/or GGLPS are not excluded; that is, all members of GGLC, staff, volunteers, members of the GGLC Council, members of the Fete Organising Committee, and similarly all individuals associated with GGLPS, may purchase tickets and are eligible for prizes without restriction.