2022 Fete Raffle Prizes

Prizes for the 2022 fete raffle are yet be released. Based on past years, there will be many many fantastic prizes generously donated by our sponsors and supporters. 

The following is information from 2021 and can be taken as a general guideline on how the raffle will be conducted. Any updates to the process will be published before ticket sales start.

Raffle tickets are available for purchase up until the raffle is drawn. The draw will occur at 2:30pm on the day of the fete (subject to cancellation due to extreme weather or a change in COVID-19 restrictions - see cancellation provisions below).

Pre-fete ticket purchases can be made at the GGLC Office or Cafe Connect. Office hours are 8am to 1pm Tuesday to Friday. Cafe Connect is open when school resumes in Term 4, from 8am to 11am and 2:30pm to 4pm each weekday.

Tickets will also be available on the day of the fete.

Tickets cost $1 each, or 12 for $10, or 25 for $20.

Raffle Terms and Conditions

1. To be eligible for prizes, tickets must be purchased before the draw at a price of $1 each. Purchasers are responsible for ensuring their tickets are entered into the draw by placing them in one of the marked Fete Raffle Entry boxes.

2. Each ticket represents an equal chance of winning.

3. The draw will occur 2:30pm on the day of the fete at Golden Grove Lutheran Church, 21-23 Richardson Drive Wynn Vale SA 5127, subject to cancellation due to extreme weather or a change in COVID-19 restrictions. In the event of cancellation, the draw will take place at 10:45am on October 31 at Golden Grove Lutheran Church.

4. Tickets will be drawn one at a time without replacement from a box containing all entered tickets, each drawn ticket winning a prize until all prizes have been allocated. Prizes will be allocated in the order shown on this web page at the time of the draw.

5. Winners not present at the draw will be contacted by SMS or email. Prizes not claimed after 4 weeks may be reallocated to other fundraising activities.