First Aid Training - Registrations of Interest

We will be holding a Basic Emergency Life Support course in the coming weeks, to be held at GGLC. The course is a combination of online learning and face to face assessment, covering:

  • CPR for adults and infants, plus use of an defibrillator
  • Breathing difficulties – Asthma - use of puffer and spacer
  • Anaphylaxis (allergic reaction)- use of an EpiPen
  • Choking with airway obstruction - back blows and chest thrusts
  • Unconscious casualty - recovery position
  • Bleeding and shock - bandaging

As we hold various programs and events across all ages and with varying degrees of risk, it is important that we have first aid trained volunteers and staff available to support these events. The above course will be made available to all volunteers and staff at no cost; for anyone else who wishes to attend, subject to availability, the cost is $69.

The total time commitment is about 3 hours.

Details will be organised based on expressions of interest - please fill out the form below to ensure you receive follow-up information.